Major bang for the buck for a regional campaign

From the archives, but still one of my very favorite projects.

One of the Los Angeles regions' most recognizable dealer campaigns ever,  we took a unique approach to rebranding the dealership, with its new  slogan "World Famous Beverly Hills BMW" as it's core. The "Go a little bit further to buy from the best" concept also addressed the challenge of getting potential customers to buy from the quality dealership rather than a competitor that focused on sale prices. The Beverly Hills campaigns led to creating spots for all the Sonic Automotive dealerships in the region.

To  kick things off, we closed down the street in front of the Colosseum in  Rome, Italy to shoot the first spot (I made the point during the pitch that "You can't  say you're World Famous and shoot it in Pacoima or something"). Being a bit more budget conscious after establishing the tone, we ended up shooting the second  spot at a water treatment plant in Van Nuys (not far from Pacoima, ironically). It has an amazing Asian garden and was also Starfleet Headquarters in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The last two were shot on  the lot at Universal Studios.

For technical fans, the Rome spot  was one of the very first spots ever to shoot with the Sony F900 24P  CineAlta camera. We couldn't even back up the footage to the same format  because we had the only camera in Southern Europe with us in Rome, and  someone else had the only 24P capable deck with them in Milan (and no  second deck to run an identical dub anywhere closer than London). No  stress on that shoot!