Producers as entrepreneurs / by Victor Currie

One of the questions I get asked more often than anything else is "So what does a producer do, anyway?"

That's a good question, actually, since there are myriad definitions throughout the industry.  My favorite definition is "somebody who's got a friend with a script," though that's mostly a joke (though not always).

I'm currently involved in the largest non-media project I've worked on (even though there is a media and advertising component in it that I'd be overseeing), and I'm fascinated by how the skill-set required to be a successful producer in film, television, or media, is exactly that of the entrepreneur: Defining the business, seeking out investors, clarifying the market, finding top talent for the key department heads.

And probably the biggest advantages producers have when heading into the regular business arena: We're used to working under intense budgetary and time pressures, and we're used to rejection along the way and never letting it stop us.

So right now, I'm enjoying the entrepreneurship as much as the producing.  And finding it just as creatively rewarding.  I might just have to revise my business card.