Okay, I no longer hate Twitter / by Victor Currie

This is very difficult for me. I have enjoyed bashing Twitter as mostly useless babble, a platform designed to turn Ashton Kutcher into a pundit (which in modern times I guess he's as qualified to be as the next person).  I tend to prefer to read people who are thoughtful, quality prose writers, and the 140 character thing just didn't quite click-in for me (honestly, neither did haiku, and plenty of people enjoy that)

But then the other day as I started following a selection of serious PR/Marketing professionals and lo and behold, I've had more helpful and thought provoking articles suggested than I would have ever found myself by doing topical searches.  

I've made major changes to marketing strategies that I had in motion, because of obscure journal references that I never would have gotten around to finding.

I'll never try to follow 30,000 people (I know all but a very few of my Facebook friends personally from some point in my life).  I know very few of the people I follow on Twitter so far, but I'm enjoying trading thoughts and observations with them, so now I admit it: I was wrong. I made assumptions before learning more about Twitter. Mea Culpa.