Return of the blog / by Victor Currie

It took a while to get excited about writing this blog again, though it isn't as long a time between postings as it seems. 

I use the excellent Photoshelter as the home of my still photography site, as well as using it's archive and delivery features both to protect images, and for client delivery. Before they introduced their new Beam sites a few months back I had experimented with a Wordpress-based site that integrated with Photoshelter in a more visually seamless way than Squarespace (I know I could hire someone to write some custom CSS to make the two look the same, but I'm far to impatient to have to wait for others when I feel like changing things around). Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that once you have a lot of open source you also have easier hacking. At the same time I had problems with my site, my Tumblr block was also hacked and since it was linked to post to my Twitter account automatically, all kinds of interesting things went out (For example, I did not Tweet, "Hey, look at the boobs!," though when someone did it probably did boost my traffic that afternoon). I pulled everything down except my very secure  Photoshelter site, and lost all my cross-integration.

The last year has been a busy one between multiple video and still assignments in Texas and Colorado (plus here in California), and a whole lot traveling around for my fine art photography (both showing and shooting), so I've finally had time to get things back up. I'm back to where I should have stayed all along for my main site hosting, Squarespace, where the technology so smoothly fits my tech-literate-but-not-a-programmer style (though I must admit I preferred the simplicity of Squarespace 5's interface). I'd kept my account active and been using my old Squarespace landing page active as a place to redirect to my various sites, so the past few weeks have been spent putting together a new Squarespace 6 site for the production side, plus we'll have another site going live very soon with the launch of a new company I'm partnered on that will focus on higher-end film television projects (details coming soon).

The two sites now have more design differences, but I'm so much happier with the way it's all set up now. As an old technology TV host, I tend to bite off a bit more than I can chew on web design work, but sometimes I like to get my hands dirty on this stuff (though my keyboard is clean unless I spill coffee on it).

Here are links to both of the companies I'm now using (and recommending). I you use my referral code for Photoshelter we both get a little spiff (though that's not why I recommend them). Nothing for me on the Squarespace link. Both offer free trial setups.